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cresdolls Саат мурун
Crap. I’ve been living in Japan for years and do exactly what I shouldn’t do. Thank god I don’t go to nice places like this lol
boy kush
boy kush Саат мурун
Sorry im drinkn. And i can b negative im sorry i suck im workn on being a better persom ...go guy ! Drink that coffee
boy kush
boy kush Саат мурун
Whos this guy yur talkn to tell em to stop sippn his coffee sayn uhum .chris is straight respect fully enveloped in the moment .put yur god dam coffee down brah !!!!. Chris is real!
Charlie Riebe
Charlie Riebe Саат мурун
Seeing the Anime Man again was a blast from the past that I didn't think I could feel, ngl
Tran Tra
Tran Tra Саат мурун
Giant|2obot Саат мурун
When he confuses JarJar with JaJa five time in two minutes
trainvreck Саат мурун
That last cafe is straight out of an anime damn. Really enjoyed the video!
Sudz-E Bucket
Sudz-E Bucket 2 саат мурун
ive heard about this atm thing before. as an American this makes no since to me. like should i keep money in a safe at home? is there a reason behind it. or is it just a thing that happens.
Chingus Bobunk
Chingus Bobunk 2 саат мурун
5:10 WTF i couldn't understand some of this because he was speaking in american....can anyone translate
Horizon 2 саат мурун
Nobody : Thumbnail : *some guy eating a shoe or somethin'*
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 2 саат мурун
23:27 Sid was the bass player of the Sex Pistols. Barely.
boy kush
boy kush 2 саат мурун
Ok i just finished the episode and im 6 beers in .good shit $ fo sho . Why So many peeps in the credits lol
Jigglypuff's Fury
Jigglypuff's Fury 2 саат мурун
England Grandma!!! 😂😂😂😂
Alvin Cao
Alvin Cao 2 саат мурун
when ever i hear the president speak english it just reminds me of my old boss speaking english
Rizuchan 3 саат мурун
boy kush
boy kush 3 саат мурун
Natsukis a good guy i can tell cuz when he dropped whatever it was n it made a loud noise his cat just looked instead of freaking the f out and i know as a car owner myself that the way the cat reacted proves to me that natski is a good guy .lmao a cat owner my phones a pain *
Roy Razon
Roy Razon 3 саат мурун
Hi Chris, a new subscriber of yours. Been to Japan and loved it. The more I watch you the more I’m wanting to go back. Where is Sharla now by the way, thanks.
Sholva 3 саат мурун
All your base are belong to us. Move Zig. Make your time.
bakedgood420 3 саат мурун
Man I've watched a lot of your stuff. I fucking love it. Honestly, you should have your own travel show. Your shit is absolute gold, and it just gets better with time. Your most recent shit, you can see the improvements in the quality of the video and the editing. Clearly a lot of effort has been put into making these videos. My favourite series is the Journey Across Japan. That was awesome. Very addictive stuff. I'm absolutely certain you could make your own TV series based on the same premise. I work in the industry and I would be completely dumbfounded if you haven't been offered your a chance to produce your own show for one of the various streaming services. Brilliant stuff you're making. I'm craving more content, and I sincerely hope you find a way to make a very good living off of this. You deserve it!
Heidy Motta
Heidy Motta 3 саат мурун
Thanks for sharing your story 💛
Shingo Miyashiro
Shingo Miyashiro 3 саат мурун
flor zorro
flor zorro 4 саат мурун
Okay, good american accent overal. But as I said, very strange haha
Jingxiang Hu
Jingxiang Hu 4 саат мурун
it is so real so so so so so so so real
flor zorro
flor zorro 4 саат мурун
Your voice literally changes- not because the American accent is the but you sound like a completely different person
Neri 4 саат мурун
$10 for a MCD burger? LOL plz.
flor zorro
flor zorro 4 саат мурун
Please don't ever do American accent again. it is uncomfortable and I like British Chris much better.
TARS, CASE, & JuJu 4 саат мурун
8:50 Well apparently you don't know, that the UN doesn't solve S--t.
Jingxiang Hu
Jingxiang Hu 4 саат мурун
Jena Cook
Jena Cook 4 саат мурун
The hate mail/ comment of the week earned you a sub- thank you for this and your whole channel. The interesting and informative content presented with dry self deprecating humor is just 😘👌
Bobo Vieri
Bobo Vieri 5 саат мурун
Im a girl and i peed on that thing duing our stop😂 turns out not all stalls are urinals
Diana D
Diana D 5 саат мурун
-is every japanese person a friend of Ryotaro?
Noorchan 5 саат мурун
Hyde is the best , you r so lucky 💜 Love from Egypt 🇪🇬
Its Pierre
Its Pierre 5 саат мурун
he's like an alternate reality British Elon musk that does documentaries
Azhar Fahrurazi Raka Praja
Azhar Fahrurazi Raka Praja 5 саат мурун
When i see this kind of title, i always though "nah what kind of big person he is. Must be some clickbait" But after watching, well damn this is Hyde. I should watch.
Cody Hodson
Cody Hodson 5 саат мурун
I wouldn't say you butchered it, but it did sound a bit off. At certain times I felt like I was getting a hint of Derry Girls (i.e, Northern Ireland). P.S. I tried to reply to your pinned comment, but KGpost is being obnoxious.
phillydisco 5 саат мурун
They don't have any problem with calling one 'oki' if they see you are larger than them lol
Mike Crittenden
Mike Crittenden 5 саат мурун
awesome job, question what do you use for your theme music a certain site or what. Thanks again keep up the great work.
BWinced 5 саат мурун
Another great video. Just discovered your series, Chris, and finished a binge of the entire 2020 season. As an aside, I dig the Khruangbin background music.
Mr. CaWater
Mr. CaWater 5 саат мурун
Squat toilets.... i assume kids
Entropy3ko 5 саат мурун
I do not live in japan, but get Japanese TV and my wife watches a lot of it. It's entertaining. Not all of it, but they have some nice programs where they visit Japanese living abroad and talk about the culture. It's a lot better than the "angry0 TV" you get in teh west and they have some great dramas.
Frosty's 雪だるま
Frosty's 雪だるま 6 саат мурун
Me trying to read kanji:confused ungga bungga. Also me trying to say kanji:ungga bunnga noise.
phillydisco 6 саат мурун
Did you visit that mini-Holland theme park? Huis-Ten-Bosc if I wrote it correctly. Near Nagasaki.
Gina Wilkolak
Gina Wilkolak 6 саат мурун
Watching all of these in a row has been so fun to do during quarantine. Getting to see so many places and watch Chris’ ridiculous side quests are truly entertaining.
Thief304 6 саат мурун
What's the song starting at 4:52?
Roger Bonilla
Roger Bonilla 6 саат мурун
John 3:16 GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD ( Jesus Died everywhere on earth, that is why his second return will be his rule on earth) HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON. YET PART 2, HIS SON SO LOVED THE WORLD HE PROMISED TO RETURN AND SIT AND RULE FOREVER ON THE THRONE OF DAVID! Has nothing to do with a human anatomy that is Satan’s lie trip to get men who are separated from GOD, and do not like themselves and the fact WOMAN does not like looking at them, Only GOD’S Champion!
Man H
Man H 6 саат мурун
Japanese TV programs are very uninstructive.
John Lemuel Santiago
John Lemuel Santiago 6 саат мурун
Here in Philippines its all drama
Rayd1214 6 саат мурун
Notice how we never saw that second group of friends again in the videos? The Marmite Effect.
Raven esque
Raven esque 6 саат мурун
E T 7 саат мурун
i think you are mostly talking about news report not the entertainment show.
Keith Kristynik
Keith Kristynik 7 саат мурун
This looks so fun. Been binging your vids and now I’m dying to visit Japan.
John Lemuel Santiago
John Lemuel Santiago 7 саат мурун
Its already robot why cant the Google translate it right
「Rictoria Ravioli」
「Rictoria Ravioli」 7 саат мурун
Dude wait- If I can learn Latin then that means I can learn Japanese! :0
dianne0rama 7 саат мурун
Omg I missed out.... wish I knew before I left Tokyo
Kenneth Kwon
Kenneth Kwon 7 саат мурун
kazu had such a good vibe :)
Burgers Beans and Chips
Burgers Beans and Chips 7 саат мурун
That was wonderful, thank you Natsuki and Chris.
RGI The Anime Figure Guy
RGI The Anime Figure Guy 7 саат мурун
Well after a month and half of binge watching every video I have arrived at the latest! I am now struck with that hollow feeling inside as if I've just watched an jaw dropping Anime and it's now finished. Watching this channel go from British bloke in a flat in Japan with one camera to all of this awesome mind blowing top quality content has been a sheer joy! I have loved every minute of it and I can't wait to see what Chris has planned for us next! Bring on Journey Across Japan 3! Thanks Chris and the team you guys are like a magic!!! Oh and thumbs up if you want to see Chris take the life expectancy food tour! Hmm what to do now...? I know! Time to go and watch Abroad Perspective!
Wendy Foley
Wendy Foley 7 саат мурун
The very first day of class I tell the students "I want you to fail" - which always gets crazy looks... but when I explain that failing is where you learn (I use video games as an example) they calm down. Unfortunately, in this Covid world... they are all back in the cave, many refusing to even try... it's so frustrating as a teacher.
Wendy Foley
Wendy Foley 7 саат мурун
9:11... we BOUND it (past tense of bind) - seriously, Chris? English much?
Mark 7 саат мурун
I will NEVER understand the need to ice fish. Wouldn't you rather be out here on a nice spring, summer or fall day doing this instead?
AndyBoi 7 саат мурун
I mean I GUESS every animal is Technically Edible......
OkiStriker 8 саат мурун
If you just go out and wing it , ts your fault. You plan your trip just like any place else in the world. If your budgeting $30 for a hotel room you shouldn't be traveling . Its a vacation not survival .
Fachrial Novri Triyandi
Fachrial Novri Triyandi 8 саат мурун
10:16 was a real deal in asian
2degreesnz 8 саат мурун
18:12 *dr jelly noises*
Sibanamush 8 саат мурун
ET absolutely TERRIFIED me as a child. My nightmares as a child were constantly fueld by ET and Gremlins.
J David
J David 8 саат мурун
You need a new platform, bro. Let me know where it is, and I'll watch it.
MR Nice Shoes
MR Nice Shoes 8 саат мурун
I pretty sure that this is his girlfriend ...well done
RobertM 8 саат мурун
My German brother-in-law showed me his English textbook. It was filled with dialogues. As I browsed through, I came across the following sentence: "May we feed the pigs now?" A phrase that EVERY English learner needs to know!
Mango 8 саат мурун
God damn it the clowns just won't stop following me
Mark 9 саат мурун
Love your videos because you shoot like I would in more of a documentary style with all the angles and b-roll I would get for coverage. I'm an old news videographer. This place looks amazing.
Samantha Beaty
Samantha Beaty 9 саат мурун
I think "Sumimasen" was the word I used the most haha
Lawrence Glover
Lawrence Glover 9 саат мурун
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just_ mal
just_ mal 9 саат мурун
still one my recommended after ive watched it multiple times
Oneiros 9 саат мурун
I wish ramen were cheap outside of Japan =') Buying ramen in a restaurant in Canada is like $16 minimum.
jonescrusher1 9 саат мурун
Bee child
Lawrence Glover
Lawrence Glover 9 саат мурун
The same trousers ultrastructually jump because skill whitely cause pace a silent burst. violet, bizarre patricia
Samantha Beaty
Samantha Beaty 9 саат мурун
Chris, this video really shows how truly brilliant you are--not only are you absolutely hilarious, but you're also able to just as effectively deliver a sober, informative documentary. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication on this endlessly entertaining channel that helps me to fall more and more in love with Japan.
Himiko Toga
Himiko Toga 9 саат мурун
The im not fat shirt gives me Deku vibes